“We the People”, Re-imagined

VIA HORN! REVIEWS – “Kevin Thomas is an unemployed former file clerk who lives in Washington state. This is what he is doing with his music degree. Sometimes he overshares on Twitter”

This exercise can truly be engaging, and can challenge you to think more deeply about the standards and practices by which we conduct our political system.

Check out the Constitution, as edited by legal scholars and readers of Slate.

Enacting campaign finance reform, establishing a right to health care, or perhaps nothing at all?

If you had the power, what would you change? Check the link to see the interactive presentation:

Politicians talk about the Constitution as if it were as sacrosanct as the Ten Commandments. But the document itself invites change and revision. What if the president served only one six-year term instead two four-year terms? What if your state’s population determined how many senators represent it? What if the Constitution included a right to health care? We asked legal scholars and Slate readers to cross out what they didn’t like in the Constitution and pencil in their hearts’ desires. Here’s what the document would look like with their best ideas.

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One thought on ““We the People”, Re-imagined

  1. I would put term limits on all political offices; rid the country of PACs, and place limits on political gifts of all kinds.

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