The New Subsidies

Those darn socialists, always expanding the entitlement society! It’s UN-AMERICAN! Government Fat Cats! !@#$$%&*@!!!

The New Deal, The Great Society, Obamacare…they’re destroying MY America!


This gave me a chuckle.  Like, isn’t this supposed to be insulting? I’m confused.

Wish I could be posting more, but I’m currently working some long days and sadly, blogging to the ten or twelve of you doesn’t pay as well as my day job.  I’ll get back to it soon hopefully.



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4 thoughts on “The New Subsidies

  1. I blogged about this yesterday. Americans have no idea what “socialism” means and apparently don’t realize that we have been taking steps in that direction for over one hundred years — not even the ones who benefit most from those steps!

    • In Wisconsin we have what is called Badger Care and it has drvien prices up exponentially to the point where private insurance carriers are hardly covering anything anymore, and their prices have sky rocketed. Badger care has shifted the costs on to the RICH and MIDDLE CLASS and have left the poorer citizens having nothing to pay for, when they are the folks who are usually smoking crack and pumping out babies at 1 a year. Many of the reasons it has made it so expensive, is that the private insurers are trying to squeeze every last little dollar out of the private consumer before price caps are in place from Obama care. Already Obama care will prove to be an dismal failure because of some of the after shocks of it’s induction a few weeks ago

  2. Not as big a dilemma as you are manikg it out to be. Romney’s plan is a _state_ plan, whereas Obamacare is a federal one. Most conservatives seem to be okay with state management of many things, including health care.Cheers!a92010 SinisterMatt. All Rights Reserved.

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