Bring Back Home Ec!

This little piece from Slate, part of a larger special of the Future of Food, struck me because the same idea had crossed my mind last week.  I think that the basic idea of a required set of courses on nutrition, household chores, and personal finance should be included in middle and high school curricula.  Far too many kids (I remember feeling this way myself) graduate with very little knowledge of how to manage a budget or the ability to truly understand the costs of various paths post-high school graduation. Far too many kids also are sent into the real world with little idea of how to take care of themselves.  While the Slate article only hints at it, the moves in recent years gearing curricula towards “teaching to the test” seems to be at the heart of why such classes seem to be losing effectiveness or disappearing entirely.


What about you, readers? If kids don’t develop life skills at home via their parents, what is the best way we as a society can ensure that they have the necessary experience?

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